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1: A name usually for males

2: A university in Huntington, West Virginia

3: A character from How I Met Your Mother
1: Hey Marshall, have you seen my drumsticks?

2: Even though the rest of his family are Marshall fans, Chad doesn't like Marshall and prefers WVU

3: Barney told Marshall and Ted to suit up, but as usual they didn't
by hey_its_Sydney_Adams May 27, 2013
1: To not wait

2: the name of a very attractive band with a lot of good looking people in it
1: I would so like to go get frozen yogurt, no hesitation.
2: Did you see No Hesitation perform at the Talent Show? They were awesome.
3: I still want frozen yogurt. Or we could go go-carting, no hesitation.
4: Kinslee wanted us to get frozen yogurt, but we played Lazer Tag instead. The green team won. No Hesitation.
by hey_its_Sydney_Adams May 27, 2013
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