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Skeezers is some nasty ass hoes who think they really great when they overweight outta shape and really hate they think everyone wants them when they dont unless you drunk or gone off some of that liq or l.i.q and u fuccs with one of them you will wake up and say DAYUM WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT NASTY HOE!!!
Yo dogg you gonna hit up that party.
Well my nigga watch out for them sick ass skeezers holla at a playa
by hewey May 31, 2004
L.i.q is short for liquor thats it
can go as liq however you feel at the tyme is how it goes
Hey nigga when we gone get up on some of that l.i.q
by hewey May 27, 2004
Main is a girl that is down for in all things she has you she is your ace your #1 no chick comes efore her just after
Yo nigga you kno julia my main chic she just got me some gear nigga.
by hewey May 27, 2004
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