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The act of qualifying and being photographed for www.PeopleofWalmart.com whilst actually in a WalMart.
I just People-of-WalMarted that dude with the pink hot pants.

That dress she has on should be People-of-Walmarted.

OMG, I was taking a pic in WalMart of some dude and my belly was sticking out of my t-shirt and I almost People-of-Walmarted MYSELF!
by hersheymike January 23, 2010
For a man to be angrily confronted face-to-face by a female with his fist subsequently connecting with her face.
Dude, that crazy bitch got in my face, so I snookerized her.
by hersheymike January 23, 2010
The lazy or slang way of calling someone a "hooker" but with the person referenced being a Snookalike.
OMG, did you just see that Snookalike? I think she's a hookah. A Snookah!
by hersheymike January 23, 2010

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