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Noun. The epitome of herbiness. Resides on Herb Mountain in Northern NJ. Can usually be found studying, creeping people out, and telling weird jokes.
Bro: "Yo Herbo wanna go hit a rager on Friday and get turnt!?"

Herbo: "Nah man I have homework and we'll have school on Monday I can't go out."
#herb #herbiness #frank #giraffe #herbology
by Herbo December 24, 2013
Incident of embarrassment and subsequent media or associate attention, frequently carried out by Sporting Celebrities typically intoxicated and more often not sportspeople that aren't performing to their potential in their field of choice.
The national representative rugby player should have realised that entering the bar naked, drunk and bloodied, then striking another patron and dancing on stage would have been identified as a clear Zac by the media.
#idiot #plonker #looser #wannabe #zak
by herbo November 23, 2011
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