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1. Usually a mannerism for displaying frustration (e.g. what the heck)
2. four letters on the home row struck by the left pinky, ring,middle, index finger (respectively)
1. omg, asdfasdfafdasdfasdf
2. a-s-d-f
by herbal March 16, 2003
Mannerism used to connotate loser, idiot or better yet, "hoser" in canadian. Although a variation of "nigga", it applies to whites as well as blacks, (and azns too)
1. response: What are you doing you nogger? I told you never to turn the mixer off when the amp is still on!
by herbal March 16, 2003
From a song I sang in infant school about Brer Rabbit.
Flibbertygibbet, Flibbertyflabbit, Flibbertydee I'm a something raaaa-bit.
by Herbal April 14, 2006

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