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Just the popular holiday, Thanksgiving, only prepared with weed as the key ingrediant in every dish. A very fun way to celebrate your blessings.

"Hey did you hear, Jack's mom is having Danksgiving at her house this year."

"Yeah, she's marinating the whole bird in weed. Should be sweet."


"Thursday is Thanksgiving with my family, then Friday is Danksgiving with my friends. 'Tis the season."
#thanksgiving #weed #unknown holidays #turkey #holiday
by hellahella November 16, 2006
Very obvious, not on the DL, synonym to uncutty.

Taken from the word inconspicuous.

Ex. 1:

"Look at that idiot, rolling a blunt at the front of the bus."

"That's hella spicuous. At least move to the back."


"Dude, sit down, shut the fuck up, and stop being so spicuous. My parents are upstairs!"
#uncutty #dl #obnoxious #stupid #oblivious
by hellahella August 13, 2007
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