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Someone who doesn't care much about what they do or how they look doing it. Or if you just do something very very stupid.
((Girl walks into classroom for a class one day dressed in XXL sweatpants and a huge baggy sweatshirt, no makeup, hair looks nasty, but shes in perfect good health, just very lazy))
"Wow Anne, you are dressed like a scrub."

(Someone just hurdled a ping pong table to impress a girl, and crackled their head open, needing 5 staples in their head.)
"That was a really scrub thing to do"
by Heebs October 28, 2007
being retarded in a leotard
dude, when you went running through walmart in the one-piece spandex dance uniform, it was so leotarded, it was HILARIOUS.
by heebs October 30, 2007
guys only;something that requires you to have a penis to be a part of.
girl-"hey baby can i get in on the poker game?"
guy-"sorry babe, strictly dickly'

parent to kids at a party-"okay, girls sleep in the basement, guys in the garage"
guy1-"alright, on to the strictly dickly room"
guy2-"man i HATE strictly dickly"
by Heebs November 12, 2007
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