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shades, or sunglasses, of a particularly baller nature. often expensive shades with a reflective coating are considered most "baller".
person 1: wow i can see myself in your sunglasses

person 2: these aint sunglasses!!! these baller shades!! recognize!
by heather-con-con May 28, 2009
when you go to someone's house in the burbs (suburbs) and attempt to locate their home among the 50+ homes that look exactly like it.
person 1 text: hey when are you gonna be here??? i gave you the directions to my house!

person 2 text: dude all the houses look the same, im still driving around playing the burbs game!
by heather-con-con June 03, 2009
a short version of delicious.
OMG this cake is d-lish!
by heather-con-con June 03, 2009
an emo or scene hairstyle on a guy in which their hair is cut at an angle across their face, normally covering their eye.
Person 1: that guys hair is so gay

Person 2: i know he's got the slant going on, i don't know how he can even see.
by heather-con-con June 04, 2009

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