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When someone charismatic is hilarious and makes jokes that work out perfectly, sometimes the people that person is hanging out with feel like they are watching a show. They would call that "The Deutsch Show"
A metaphorical title for someone's antics.
"Alex Deutsch is hilarious!"
"She runs her own The Deutsch Show"
by hearmymeow December 28, 2009
Someone who makes all their facebook profile pictures a sepia tone, shaves either sides of their heads, tries really hard to try and secretly act cool, and is actually a looser trying to find a different vent for their looserness than emo.
Tristan is trying so hard to be indie
by hearmymeow October 03, 2010
The person in a community who indicates which independent bands/songs are cool and not cool. Often they will start out loving a band, then when others love it, the indiecator will hate it.

Always someone popular, fashionable, and powerful.
I love Jar of Hearts
Me tooo..... (since he's the indiecator)
by hearmymeow February 08, 2011
The shit you find inside your previously used textbook. Ranging from lipgloss to coffee to blood, it can glue together pages, or just make you puke.
"Mr.S! Shmuck has glued together the pages for tonight!"
"Whose book was that?"
" (Person)"
"Ohhh, it's probably the DNA extractions we took from urine last year."
by hearmymeow February 08, 2011

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