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Fecal pack=several cacks
Cack=several muckbuttons
muckbuttons=several dingeberries
dinglerry=little ball of shit and toilet paer that rolls up in the hairs of your butthole
Man, I had a fecal pack that was packed so tight I couldn't shit for a week
#shit #poop #fecal #turd #butthole
by headshok62 August 28, 2008
little rolled up balls of piss yellow toilet paper and vaginal secretions
Man, I was eating her mullet and got a mouth full of pusskits
#piss #toilet paper #vaginal #mullet #secretions
by Headshok62 August 26, 2008
like felching...the act of sucking jism out of your partners butthole after busting a huge wad in it
I fucked Mary in the starfish and dumped a huge load in her guts. I had a straw nearby and so I slurmed it....
#starfish #load #guts #felch #mudshake
by Headshok62 August 26, 2008
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