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what l33t hax0rs eat for breakfast.
leggo my eggo, n00b!!!11 those are MY roffles!!!11
by Hay-z December 24, 2003
Nobody ever says "PLATINUM", they bastardize it to "PLAT-NUM". This alternate spelling is popular due to professional usage, ie. PLATNUM PLAYAZ RECORDS in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Yo, check dat PLAT'NUM watch on his wrist! Dat bling-bling as much as my teef!
by hay-z May 02, 2003
Trailer park city in the middle of Fridley and Columbia Heights, Minnesota. These suburbs are just north of Minneapolis.
Day-am Cletus! How's about we done go shoots some possums up thurr in Hilltop!
by Hay-z November 22, 2003

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