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A phrase originating from (the title of) the film 'Harsh Times' starring Christian Bale.

Used to acknowledge a difficult yet comical situation and express sympathy to the person or people affected.
A: Fuck man! Can you believe this shit?! My girl just dropped me for my younger brother!
B: Damn man. Lol. Harsh times!
A: 'Fuck you laughing at?!
by haxico December 08, 2010
A film that is COMPLETE and TOTAL SHIT due to reasons that include, but are not limited to:

- a terrible script
- horrible acting
- foolish directors
- portraying a waste of talent
- promoting idiocy and ignorance
A: My DVD collection's sick!
B: What're you talking about?
A: I got like, 500 movies, man!
B: Yeah... 500 shit flicks.

by haxico July 27, 2011
Faux (fake, artificial, not genuine); Excitement (exhilaration, the feeling of lively and cheerful joy).

When a person or a group of people masquerade their true feelings (about something that is meant to be exciting) by showing extreme excitement.
A: OMG! I just got tix to Justin Beiber's show!
B: What?! When?! How?! Wow!!!! That's SO AWESOME!!!!

(Person A, is unfortunately, genuinely excited).
(Person B show's great faux-excitement).
(Person A is a dumbass).
by haxico December 10, 2010
A portmanteau (a blend of two or more words and their meanings into one) of shame and lame.

Not to be confused with Shalom (the traditional Jewish greeting/farewell/word for peace)
(Person A and B are watching Carlos Mencia on tv..)

A: Yo, check this miserable fool trying to be funny..
B: Hahaha! Damn man. Shalame.
by haxico December 08, 2010
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