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A ferociously ugly woman who happens to have a gut that hangs over her private parts.
"Whoa, get a load of that fugly-gunt!"
by hawnasay November 12, 2006
Masturbation. The fondling of one's self in a sexual manner.
Johnny spent all day palm-scroggin' when he should have been completing his homework.
by hawnasay November 12, 2006
The wonderful time that comes between midnight and 6am, it's after midnight so not technically night, but it's before daylight, so not technically morning. Also it's technically tomorrow, hence: to-mornin'
By the time they finished drinking and dancing at all of the local bars, it was tomornin'.
by hawnasay November 12, 2006
Stupid and foolish, involving a miraculous lack of intelligence.
"When Ted tried to water-ski using banana peels, Tammy called him a stoolish clown."
by hawnasay November 12, 2006
This is a person who drank way too much the night before.
"Man I feel like a bag of old and moldy ass"
by hawnasay November 12, 2006
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