12 definitions by havalaf

in need of a tan
"You were supposed to meet me at the tanning salon you Gwyneth Paltrow skin sonofabitch."
by havalaf October 06, 2009
a homeless shelter run by former inmates of the same allowing illicit drug use on the property... but no alcohol
"lets go to the road home and get our high on....I can't man.... just had a beer..."
by havalaf October 07, 2009
a great place meet and interact with the police in a meaningful way. however beware to not to walk sober or with meaning or you may be harrassed. only crack heads,whores,ho's,chicken heads, skeezers and lemmings are alowed to roam freely at such a excluslive community.
Say!!! Lets go down to rio grande ave. S.L.C.!!!!!!!!!!
by havalaf October 08, 2009
being cut off sexually by spouse,girlfriend or whoever until you cave in to their demends
"sure i can go to the bar with you tonight. i dont care is she gets mad . i'm on a sexual freeze anyway."
by havalaf November 14, 2009
taking a shit
you stay her while i go and pop out a pinecone
by havalaf November 05, 2009

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