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Economic Stimulus checks that are being sent out in May 2008.
Oh, snap! My bush bucks were supposed to direct deposit on the 12th, and they aren't there yet! I want to do my part to save the economy!
by havaguday May 13, 2008
An injury inflicted by someone playing Nintendo Wii.
Jaime was standing next to Lisa, playing Wii Tennis when she jabbed her in the arm with the Wiimote, causing her an injuwii.
by havaguday May 26, 2008
Peace Out Boy Scout. Gender specific phrase to say goodbye. See also POGS. Especially useful for Instant Message conversation.
Person1: Wow, I'm so tired. I've been chatting with you all night. GTG, C U L8R.
Person2: POBS
by havaguday November 25, 2006
Peace Out Girl Scout (can also be changed to match gender, POBS) More used in instant messages.
Person1: I gotta get going. TTYL
Person2: POGS
by havaguday November 12, 2006

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