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k cool is a term used when a person makes a comment not worth replying to, or does something that is pointless.
Jane Doe: I had such a big lunch
John Doe: k cool
by kcool10/15/10 December 06, 2010
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Kcool is something you say when someone tells you something that wasn't very interesting or that you just don't care about.
Random girl: Omg today i went to the mall and bought so much stuff.

You: kcool
Random girl: speechless
by brittany5723765 July 22, 2010
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Kcool is just a cooler way of saying the world cool/kool.
Sam: Ur so cool.
David: COOL? Thats An Insult!
Sam: :(
David: Ur so Kcool!
Sally: I LOVE YOU DAVID! go out with me?
David: *proud*
by Sambwee May 08, 2007
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