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1.) an absolute moron, a politically driven imbecile responsible for many embarassing practices of present and past in America including, but not limited to:
-omission, distortion and/or misrepresentation of evolution and other scientific theories and practices
-promotion of integrating religion and religious prejudice into the American government
-intolerance to many groups that conflict with or contradict their beliefs such as:
--atheists/agnostics/non-"born again" Christians
--homosexuals and others with non-heterosexual orientation
--independent/progressive thinkers
-racial segregation
-racist lynch mobbing and other related crimes directed against specific races
-protection for those who commit such acts mentioned above (ie. by FILIBUSTERING anti-lynch laws all the way into the 1950s)
-promotion of Nazi-esque policies
-anyone who agrees with the lunatic on www.tencommandments.org
and so on.

2.) an embarassment to America.
If you're not a fundie born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being.
--Jerry Falwell, a fundie himself
by hash14ultimate October 27, 2005

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