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A allocated length of time that a black man gives when informing one of their commitment to something. Time frame is anywhere from 1 second. To infinity.
It will be a black minute before Lamont can let us borrow the pallet jack.
#black #time #infinity #allocated #clock #commitment
by harrycomets February 11, 2011
The realization that you do not care about it. And you must be having fever like symptoms, because everyone else on the planet is hooked!
Hey? You got that Royal Wedding Fever that's all up on HLN?

#current events #gay #boring #awesome #scots
by harrycomets April 26, 2011
The 'heads or tail' moment when you hope the condom your putting on in the dark is facing the right way.
Last night I wasted 30 seconds guessing tails, putting that condom on the wrong way. Total condom coinflip.
#heads #tails #condom #guess #coinflip
by harrycomets July 30, 2011
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