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3 definitions by harrybite0007

Iyawo is a Nigeria word for a woman,wife, girlfriend or any female that is matured enough.

The word comes from the Yoruba language and really means "Wife" but has been adopted by almost all parts of Nigeria to call a lady
I love my Iyawo.

My Iyawo is the finest in this town.
by harrybite0007 January 01, 2014
Akpako is a Nigerian slang for sex.

it was made popular by the musician TerryG in his club banger song "Knack you Akpako"
in the song he claims to be the "Akpako master"
I Want to knack her akpako
by harrybite0007 January 01, 2014
Is a Nigerian word that refers to a Ghost, spirit or a scary person
Wili-wili is in my village
by harrybite0007 January 08, 2014