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possibly an acrinim for: Must Use Something Lethal In Massacre!
many a massacre in the world today. many performed by a muslim
by harray shipmonay March 14, 2008
a product of the 1970's,white dog shit was everywhere! it was all over the place because once upon a time high quantities of chalk were addded to tins of dog food therefore when a dog would take a shit after a few days in the sunshine the poo would dry out and eventually turn white. nowadays pet food manufacturers don't use chalk in their food and this is why we don't see any more white dog shit lying around.
bring back white dog shit it's so nostalgic.
by harray shipmonay March 17, 2008
not a car. it's a black mans willy!
you can't drive this bmw but you can ride it.
by harray shipmonay March 21, 2008
what you should call anyone by the name of NEIL. it just simply sounds better and it'what their mothers would have wanted.
phnivvel get up you lazy boy it's time for school. phnivvel phnivvel PHNIVVEL!
by harray shipmonay March 08, 2008
it's a volvo in reverse!
ovlov-volvo. it's a mirrored image
by harray shipmonay March 19, 2008
a.k.a the vauxhall astra motot car. called the ashtray because it WILL get stolen and set on fire by asbo loving scum.
insurance company:"would you like comprehensive cover for your vauxhall ashtray sir?" you:"just fire and theft please" insurance company :"are you sure sir?" you:"i'm sure. its on fire now!"
by harray shipmonay March 12, 2008
a bumber cat is a cat belonging to my mate rasta pete. the bumber cat keeps on eating his stash.--
rasta pete "time for a smoke i think,but where is my gear? That bloody bumber cat!"
by harray shipmonay March 05, 2008

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