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One smooth mother fucker, who died of AIDS.
The boys in the hood are always hard....
by harold July 27, 2003
(n) one who hangs around with professional athletes or jocks in general, thinking this will make them higher on the social food chain. Sometimes do dirty work for jocks.
Mike is a jock sniffer who thinks he will meet more chicks if he hangs out with jocks.
by Harold April 19, 2005
(n) a sleeveless mens undershirt; a wifebeater or muscle T
(From the stereotype that italians wear these shirts; see guinea)
It's hot today; I think I'll just wear my guinea T
by Harold April 19, 2005
superfluous, unnecessary, petty, trivial, insignificant, needless, uncalled-for…. (:>))
Take you chicken shit job with your chicken shit ideas and shove it up your chicken shit butt....
by Harold April 19, 2003
known in tools song lataralus
spiral out...keep going
by Harold July 22, 2003
For the love of god
FTLOG, will you shut your mouth, ahole?
by Harold November 16, 2003
The act of telling someone it's over in a way that let's them know the matter in question is Taboo
Wanna run up on me, it's ov!
by HArold January 17, 2004

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