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12 definitions by harley

to sodomize
Big John, the altar boy, buggered the priest.
by Harley September 25, 2002
56 57
a black person also known as a nigger
what up nuigg?......short for whats up to a nigger
by harley August 17, 2004
2 4
a nigger way to say sound.....or or a wannabe way to say i got a bomb ass system
damn i got soundizzle in hizzle!
by harley August 25, 2004
3 14
smokin a fat spliff as soon as one has woken up, usually ready rolled or bonged, preferably after a night of constant pot smokin
u up for a quick wake and bake
by harley January 04, 2004
110 135
it means to get drunk
everybody get RONKY!!
by Harley December 15, 2004
5 55