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A blue-collar, rural type person who tends to hold liberal views, often to the ridicule of his beer drinking buddies.
Billy-Joe, yer such a leftneck all the damn time!
by harambee March 07, 2009
A societal or cultural norm that values and upholds a particular, specific dietary expectation.

Gastronormativity is defined largely by the practice of the dominant group. In other words, it's the expectation of what food you will prepare or be served. It can also be dictated. Most famous example would be of the FDA's food guide pyramid used to declare the correct portions of an American diet.

Gastronormative practices do not necessarily imply a diet that promotes well-being, although it's typically associated with this idea.

Since it is largely dependent on culture, gatstronormativity varies widely in practice. Common inclusions and exclusions are but are not limited to differences such as healthy and unhealthy foods; meat, gluten, and dairy intolerances; local, vegan, Organic, craft, home-raised, and genetically-modified food preferences; religious and secular restrictions defined by law; carbophobia, lipophobia, and salt-phobia; and preferences between traditional organically produced nutrients and synthesized meal replacements like Soylent.
The epitome of American gastronormativity is the Thanksgiving dinner that includes roasted turkey, bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a pie for dessert.
by harambee August 31, 2014

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