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3 definitions by happyjack5

you put hot sauce in the chicks pussy and start doin her and then when you are about to cum (it will burn alot) and you spray red cum all over her face
thee exploding fireball hurts so much
by happyjack5 September 09, 2009
you are buttfucking her (or him) and when you take you penis out it has shit on it and you make multiple shit streaks on her (or his) back, ass, or chest some longer streaks than others, making it look like buildings in a city. after that, to make it a "Christmas" in dirty Manhattan you cum all over the shit
It was awesome, after i gave her the Christmas in Dirty Manhattan i took a picture an sent it to all my friends.
by happyjack5 August 12, 2009
a squirtle is when a chick has diarrhea and you are doin her in the pussy and you make her orgasm so much that she cums, pisses, and shits all at the same time
i was crying after i accidentally pulled off the squirtle.
by happyjack5 September 09, 2009