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true meaning is infidel or unbeliever, whether black or white; derived from the French word caffre, which has the same meaning. In South Africa it is regarded as a derogatory term for black Africans in general.
He claims to be a christian, but that atheist is really a kaffir
by Hank5 January 04, 2015
n. 1. The wine consumed during a furlough or other forced leave from work.

2. The wine consumed after the announcement of a furlough or other forced leave from work.
1. Today was my first day of unpaid leave, so I woke up and went through an entire bottle of furlot before noon.

2. We all went out to lunch and had a few glasses of furlot after they told us we had to take a week off without pay.
by hank5 February 02, 2009
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