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an alternative to youtube, a slip of the tongue. Something you would probably type into google by accident when in a giggle fit with a good friend. The result of the search is not recommended for those under 18.
Amanda: go on youtube I want to show you this jump style video!

Jazmin: *bursts out laughing* I JUST TYPED IN YOUPUBE *laughs and points at Amanda* you pube!!
#pubes #you #youpube #game pube #google
by hamster_f_92 May 02, 2008
Another good comeback for ya mum / ya mudda / ya mam / yo mother / your dad on bacon scruts i think? :P
deck head 1: Ya mum
deck head 2: Ya nan on pita bread
deck head 1: *ummmm ..... *Blank**
deck head 2: Mwhahaha :D I win!
#deck #bacon #ya nan #wheat goods #arghhh!
by hamster_f_92 May 04, 2008
A jeb-end is an insult created by the one and only Dev-Vo. A chav on youtube. Its basically calling someone a twat, or an idiot.
dude 1: aup deck!

dude 2: fuck off you jeb-end
#jeb #idiot #twat #chav #deck
by hamster_f_92 May 02, 2008
Deck if said in the correct accent (aka a crewe-ite/ Dev-Vo accent)would usually sound like the word dick. It is also a way for you to say the word dick in front of parents with out any consequence, though if you do this you are in fact quite the loser.
It is also a name for someone who has very small knob.
(type in devvo on youtube to see an example)
chav1: hey-up deck wha' ya bin up to?

chav2: bin up ya mudda.

#dev-vo #crewe #ya mudda #deck #dick
by hamster_f_92 May 02, 2008
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