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Used to describe a person or an attitude, NIMBY is an abbreviation for Not In My Back Yard. A NIMBY might agree that a community or a neigborhood needs a half-way house for convicts transitioning back to society, but doesn't want it placed too close to his or her own home or in the neighborhood. property values. too much traffic. ugly woobly boxes
Although the community council supported the zoning change, the NIMBYs argued strongly against the expansion of the trailer park
by hammer hands March 08, 2006
A direct translations from the German, referring to tatoos, usually found on (young) women, on their backsides, below the belt line and above the cheeks. They look like the paisly designs of the '70's and remind one of the spread of a 7 point buck. Probably used to the same purpose, too
She' got 17 tattos altogether, the newest of which are those ass antlers peeking out over the tops of her jeans.
by hammer hands March 08, 2006
from the very beginning. Could be a shortened form of the American quality of "get up and go". Might also be a shortened form of what the cowboy said to ol" paint in the Western movies
I knew that that women didn't mean me no good from the getgo.
by hammer hands March 10, 2006
an area where a person has much experience or a skill where one has much talent. Long suit probably comes from card games such as "hearts", where the player has to follow the trump and has either many such cards in his/her hand, a long suit, or not.
He managed to thank the master of ceremonies, but sat down quickly. Public speaking isn't really his long suit.
by hammer hands March 12, 2006
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