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A play on the early 90's rapper Sir-mix-Alot. Someone enthralled with the sound of their own voice. a person who you avoid conversations with because you know it will be a waste of a half hour of your life. An interchangeable derogatory term for someone who does something too much: sir-smokes-alot, sir-stinks-alot, sir-eats-alot, etc
thank sir-talks-alot, I wish we could sort this out tomorrow, but I don't have a free two-hours, so just send me an email.
by halfbreed357 May 14, 2009
Someone, typically a female, who takes 10 minutes to give you a simple answer. A chick you meet at the bar and find out her whole life story before your beer comes. A derogatory name to call someone when they are rambling on about nonsense.
Stay away from Yackasaurus Rex over there,...shit, I met her three minutes ago and I know more about her than I know about your mom...and me and your moms go back, way back.
by halfbreed357 May 14, 2009
derogatory term referring to a woman. a spin off of the word cunt, except that you have a better chance of getting away with saying in public without the ire of any surrounding women.

combination of butt and cunt.
geez,what the hell is she talking about... she's such a little bunt.
by halfbreed357 May 14, 2009
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