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Favourite muzza hang-out places on Friday and Saturday nights include the nightclubs Platform One, Alumbra and Infectious, then Bell st. Maccas or Haci's across the road afterwards.

During the weekdays they can be found at around 7pm at 5-star gym in Thomastown, they rock up with their bros wearing $100 jeans and $5 fluro polo tops from Cotton-On with the collar up. They spend half their time at the gym doing nothing but dumbell bicep curls, they grunt very loudly 'huhh-UUUUUHHHH' to make sure everyone in the gym can see how much they can lift even though they can actually only do 2 and a half reps. In between sets they and their bros perv on the bellas hogging all the treadmills, who are also there with all their girlfriends (the bellas themselves never break a sweat, they usually are just swaying their asses/pose-jogging for the muzzas). After doing 1000 bicep curls the muzzas go next door to Q-Room to chill.

Muzzas love doof-doof music and are always the first to buy the newest Ministry of Sound Annuals or Sessions. They are into the harder techno-electro kind of house music which is more minimal and does not have any lyrics; ‘Cream’- Federico Franchi is the typical example. Once they get the latest album they drive around to these hekkkktik beats with the subwoofer on full-blast. Poor muzzas drive Commodores VL-VR, EB and ED Falcons, and old Skylines or Soarers, while the more cashed-up ones drive R34 Skylines and 200SXs. The really lucky muzzas have Supras or WRXs. Most if not all of the muzza’s weekly paycheck will go towards some sort of mod to their fully-sik cars, such as fully-sik chrome rims, fully-sik bodykits and fully-sik exhaust tips. Everything about a muzza is loud, hektik, and fully-sik.
muzza: eyy leh i got da nu sessions six it is fulllyy HEKKK-tik bro!! me n da boys are goin gym first den p1 meet us at hachis after yeh
by half-muzza in Lalor May 20, 2009

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