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1. Somebody who is obviously lying, posturing, idly boasting, who does not have the goods; one who is 'so full of shit' that it would take four flushes during the movement to clear the bowl.

Originally from game of poker, c.1880, one who bluffs that they have five cards in a flush when they only hold four.
Steve: Phil doesn't really have a summer house?
Bob: No, he's living with his parents. He's a lying, four-flushing sack of shit.
by hactar May 01, 2003
On instance of a very regular and frequent schedule of sexual encounters between a male and their current partner.
He's at her place every day makin' wood deliveries.
by hactar May 01, 2003
adj. real estate marketing term used by realtors to describe parts of town where the rent is so high that you end up having to furnish your place/dress yourself from Goodwill and therefore look like a gypsy
Classified Ad: Bohemian paradise, East Village, 1 BR, 1 Bath, 650 sq. ft. $3700/mo.
by hactar May 03, 2003
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