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A very efficient, disciplined and hard working person. Someone who does everything as well as posible.
I don't understand why they fired me! I never come late, i never go home early, i produce more than everyone, i never complain, here is my resumé, i am a hard driver, a big time performer!
by gwineth March 21, 2012
It's when a person gets out of her shell of apathy to, very decidedlly, do something!

Simmillarlly: when a drug dealer goes out to the neighborhood to sell/buy drugs or to put another dealer or an debtfull client to death.

OR, it's the kind of dance you wouldnt like to see your daughter doing with anyone.
"Get out on the grind yall. Aint no better time dawg. I know youve read the great comission let me just remind: make disciples of the nations, teachem to obey tha Lord. Hate to never lead someone to Christ before i face tha Lord." Lecrae spitn on "Send Me"
by gwineth March 17, 2009

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