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Noun from Nadsat - A swing or blow

Used multiple times during Clockwork Orange.
A. Quit throwing tolchocks at me reasonness!
B. A tolchock to the face hurt him badly.
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004

1. Punish
2. Restrict
1. I can't go, I'm grounded.
2. I'm grounded from the computer.
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004
Noun from Nadsat. Means "sleep".
We should head home and get some spatchka, I'm tired.
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004

Pornographic video. See flick, porn, porno.
A few whiskeys and a skin flick and I'll be fine.
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004

Source: www.dictionary.com
Dude: That was cool!
Other dude: Yea!
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004
Meaning ass, asz is a way to type "ass" in a chat room or screen name or anything like that, where curses are filtered. It usually gets around it.

Also: Azs, a$$, /*\ss, @ss
"im guna kik ur aszszsz lolololol,"

Says the internet junkie.
by GuyMontag September 24, 2004
1. Sarcastic "yes"
2. "Yeah, right"
3. A response to something you don't believe.
4. An expression of disapproval, disappointment, or disinterest
PunkRawka684829xxxx44666: Slipknot is teh roxorz
Personwhoisnotadumbass: Pteh.
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004
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