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A child who is malicious and evil and will stop at nothing to hurt someone.
Reagans devil child tripped her down the stairs and she has four broken ribs and a dead uterus.
by gutter and gore April 19, 2008
To have the runs so violently that there is no saying how fast or high it may shoot while exiting. It may even make it to the wall above the toilet.
Oh dude, we gotta bail, I just scattelplowed the wall in that restroom.
by gutter and gore April 13, 2008
A worn down disgusting toilet probably infected with herpes and other disease and is usually tainted with the color of filth. You do not want to sit down on the herpsareah.
The herpsareah in this joint is a squat to pee for sure.
by gutter and gore April 13, 2008
A rancid smell that could describe a corpse or anything that just plain stinks! The smell of formaldehyde, bloated dead body, or rotting corpse.
The dead guy in the casket at that funeral was totally fermordaloat. I had a hard time not blowing chunks on the flowers.
by gutter and gore April 13, 2008
A word for a really gross stinky female.
The ooberflap that just walked in smells like rancid milk and vinegar.
by gutter and gore April 13, 2008
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