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A word that can be interchanged with any other word and maintain that words meaning, mostly used as an adjective or noun.
Mister Paulson's new hat is sooooo thurjury, too bad that dude isn't here right now, I'd go thurjury on his ass and take it.
by Gustopheles January 19, 2008
The female equivalent to tea bagging. The act of a female resting her vagina on a mark for the purpose of insult or to express dominance.
Turg got clam snapped by arsi when he died at frogger.
by gustopheles May 28, 2009

The act of hitting the "like" button on everyone's comment on a status update or picture.
John: "I just got 24 notifications on my status, what the heck?"

"Yolanda: "Nothing new, Jimmy is just out Caldwelling again, he'll stop after he gets bored, or, well, you die."
by gustopheles February 10, 2012
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