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What causes IT Geeks to tell incredibly exxagerated stories about their technical prowess. Effects usually occur when a group of three or more geeks gather, often in the presence of female company, whom they promptly start to ignore in effort to top eachother's epic tales of prowess.
At a party, geekosterone causes the chicks to leave when they hear:

"I rewrote the kernel for Vista, and it was stable and actually worked, but M$oft fired me and buried the code cuz they wanted to shackle the users.'

"That's nothing, I, well actually my cousin in one of those Swedish countries, helped Linus write his first assembly program."

by gurutc December 11, 2007
Seniority through attrition, commonly seen in School Districts and Government
She runs the show because this is an attriciocracy! Everyone else has quit because of the BS!
by gurutc July 31, 2013
A great lover who also is a great cook.
When I married her, I won the lottery. She's a trained chef, a lover with benefits.
by gurutc August 10, 2009

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