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Marijuana Memory Loss - The effects of smoking to much weed can cause MML.
I think you have smoked yourself retarded. You are suffering from MML. I told you last week about the car needing tires.
by LoneHuntress February 01, 2008
Used in place of lol it means Makes Me Laugh.
Person A :'re an idiot.
Person B : mml
by Meh..... May 09, 2004
Makes Me Laugh.... better version of LOL, to be used in general conversation
Hahaha that joke is so funny mml
Dude what are you on about? You're so crazy, mml
by Sawahhh March 20, 2009
also known as: Make myself laugh.
i swear i mml all the time!!

Proper: I swear, I M.M.L all the time.
by the jyu April 07, 2010
Makes My Life or Made My Life

Used on occasions of extremely epic circumstances where something didn't just make your day but it made your entire life.
Justin: Dude, I got a free ticket to see A Day To Remember last night!

Frank: Really?! They mml!

Justin: Yeah, that concert MML!

Melissa: I got bitten by a dog today.

Justin: haha mml

Melissa: That's not funny, I had to get stitches and everything!
by animelimit May 26, 2010
My Math Lab. A packet used at most Colleges and universities that teaches students how to properly do math.
Guy: I didn't understand what the teacher was saying in class today.

Other Guy: That's okay use MML to help you figure it out!
by jhole39 April 17, 2013
Makes me laugh. A new and better alternative to "lol."
I just saw John get kicked in the balls by a 4 year old! Mml!

Andy fell asleep in Spanish today and the teacher smacked him! Mml!
by Megan Hottie October 29, 2009

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