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A check received from the government for do nothing. In fact, the less you do, the more the check. It is President Obama's way of ruining the American dream and instead turning us into a socialist state, or "redistributing the wealth" as he put it.
I done got my Obamacheck in the mail, now I can go buy me some cigarettes and beer.

I never have to worry about rent, electricity, food or anything now that I am going to get my Obamacheck.
by gsesos January 21, 2009
Someone who blindly follows the teachings of Al Gore. It is a combination of Gore and Moron.
Goron (s) actually believe in global warming. If Al said it, it must be so.
by gsesos December 29, 2008
A term for taking from one group and giving to another with no rhyme or reason, other than to buy votes.
Welfare, food stamps or similar socialistic programs.
I got my Obama check today. I gonna go buy some cigarettes and beer now.
by gsesos October 27, 2008
The matter left in a toilet after the first, and any subsequent, flush. (Also referred to a "two flusher") So named because a politician of a similar sounding name pushed the legislation mandating how much water we can use in our toilets.
After a night of drinking, I laid an algore in the john.
by gsesos July 21, 2008
Something that make you quite ill when ingested, such as spoiled meat, snake venom, excrement or other disgusting matter.

Frequently, violent regurgitation occurs shortly after, if not during, ingestion. Ingesting too much can cause permanent brain damage.
Hey boss, I will be out of work today as I am quite ill. It turns out that sandwich I ate has some spoiled meat, it was a Pelosi.
by gsesos May 14, 2009

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