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Derogatory slang for 'PC', which is an abbreviation for 'Personal Computer'

It mainly refers to IBM-compatible x86 systems, often running Microsoft Windows.

The term is believed to be mostly used among Macintosh users.
Me: I guess I have to get Virtual PeeCee to run this damn thing
My Peecee friend: Stop saying 'PeeCee' or I won't give you any beer
by gschjetne June 26, 2005
UIC notation for a locomotive with two bogies with three axles each, all powered by one motor in each bogie.

Also railway slang for a broad with nice big boobs and nice ass. Bo'Bo' is a more modest.
Two rail enthusiasts are waiting for the train, drunk after a party.

Rail enthusiast 1: Dude, check out that Co'Co' over there! I'm gonna hit on her

Rail enthusiast 2: Yeah, you do that while I feel up this Bo'Bo'
by gschjetne July 01, 2005
teh source of some incredibly kewl music.

Apparently I'm the only non-punjabi person who thinks so.
Me: This music is awesome!
Hot Carl: Nah, it sux0r

Me: You gotta bring some punjabi stuff to the party!
Punjabi d00d: Nah, teh ppl hates it :(
by gschjetne June 30, 2005
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