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4 definitions by gruntyphish

Euphemism for anal sex - eg. performing a colonoscopy with a swollen penis
My girlfriend was really drunk the other night so I gave her a swollenoscopy
by gruntyphish July 01, 2010
3 0
To ejaculate on the pubic hair of your lady friend, perhaps as a form of safe sex.
"We didn't have a condom so I ended up spilling the beans on the cat's pyjamas"
by gruntyphish September 25, 2009
6 4
Something so perverse, so unutterably horrible, that it cannot be referred to except obliquely
"See that man? Over there? Someone caught him grilling the bacon on both sides."
by gruntyphish August 05, 2009
3 2
Anal sex.
She was really, really drunk so she let me have a go at catching the dusky fish.
by gruntyphish October 01, 2009
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