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to totally disregard anothers feelings/opinions/behaviour/wishes etc. and carry on doing your thing regardless. Ignore someone , belittle in conversation , action , or make others do so. Generally to make people feel un wanted /un needed/un necessary
christ! the boss wanted me to work til 10 last night , no way on friday !! so i gave him a fuckoff tablet!

hear that prick talkin shit last night? got on my fuckin nerves, so i gave him a fuckoff tablet
by groovywordbender June 10, 2011
rhyming slang in uk , a coon , nigger ,blackie ,or "wog" hence "pot dog". to be used when said dark skinned person is within earshot , so as not to cause offence or a possible altercation involving bloodshed.
fuck me! look at the afro on that fuckin pot dog!!!
by groovywordbender May 29, 2010
a place to meet a certain type of woman..........usually the older divorced type that are desperate for cock. generally a knocking shop(uk)or seedy bar open til late,with shit 80<s music and a worse dj.but , guaranteed a leg over
fuckin ell , at that bags ball last night , i coulda balled any one of the desperate old bags!
by groovywordbender February 11, 2011
thick as school custard. someone who looks normal, but has brains of flatfish.harmless,yet annoyingly likeable in a strange way.often a trainee prick.(may also be shortened to "klon")
that scott is ok ,but sometimes he can be a bit of a klondyke.
by groovywordbender August 16, 2008

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