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An incredibly addictive fantasy tactical-RPG series just recently starting to show up in the United States with the relaes of Fire Emblem 7, or simply Fire Emblem in the US. Hopefully, Nintendo will be nice enough to release the earlier Fire Emblem games in the US as well.
Fire Emblem is so much better than Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
by gringe666 May 04, 2004
A guy's nickname... he plays warcraft 3 and diablo 2
i got t3h pwn3d by j00z b0><!!!!1!!!
by gringe666 May 10, 2004
Someone who is a n00b. A combination of the words knob, and n0b , which is also the way n00bs spell "n00b".
d00d, that gn0b on my team killed me!!!1!!!shift+1!!!!
by gringe666 May 24, 2004
Mike White's alter ego. He is half vampire and has a soul sucking sword called the Soulreaver. He only comes out at night and has white skin and hair and a black cloak.
Dark Blanco pwn3d some suckas!
by gringe666 May 17, 2004
a 1337 CS player
TATOE is freekin 1337
by gringe666 May 04, 2004
An annoying girl with a cleft and red hair and often wears teal shirts and jeans and has biology with Merken.
Clefty mooches for answers.
by gringe666 May 17, 2004

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