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When you drop a deuce in the air. When you do a fart so strong that other people feel as though they are eating poop.
Oh man I'm eating chris' airbiscuit
by grimboj February 16, 2011
When the subject of the conversation is not the primary bread winner in a relationship. Usually a girl who underachieves at work because her partner is the primary wage earner and the extra income/stress isn't necessary.
Jean isn't that bothered, she's just after make-up money.
by grimboj May 12, 2011
A verb and adjective referring to the product of menstruation and the act of menstruation or 'period'. Based on the implication that menstruation is visually similar to strawberry jam.
She's on her jammies.
That looks like jammies on your desk.
by grimboj December 22, 2010

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