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The Portapuss is the mascot for Gorill State University.

No one knows the exact origins of the word or what it means, but there are many theories. Most believe it is the combination of some word containing "port" and "pussy" - it is well known that all portapusses like pussy.

Some suggest the "port" derives from "Portland," as in Portland, Oregon. Portland is thought to be the second favorite city of Gorill State co-founder A.R. Nielsen.

Others believe it comes from "portapotty."

Whatever the case, Portapuss is not to be confused with the platypus, although at many times, a platypus can be a Portapuss.
"Check out all those Portapusses!"

"I didn't realize anyone could like Portapuss so much...."
by griffsterb February 04, 2009

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