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sometimes called the punisher, the dirty nazi is like the shocker only instead of two in the cooty but one for the booty, its one in the meat and two in the seat.

the name is just really funny.
Jan got dirty nazied by a dirty nazi
by grey April 07, 2005
You face a grave danger. Your homicidal mage 'friend' is out of mana. What is your answer to any foe eyeing you over to see if you fit on his dinnerplate?

See Swordchucks.
Fighter: Swordchucks, yo.
by Grey April 15, 2005
The alternate (and commonly considered wrong) version of Roffles. Less funny though.
I'mma reply to this topic with a crapload of roffels!
by Grey December 20, 2004
One of the many names you ask for when prank calling Bart Simpson style. It's pronounced "My Wang" and is an actual chinese name.

Other names you can use:
Mike Hunt
Mike Rotch
Amanda Huggenkiss
Mei Dong
Mypee Ness
Gud Annal

and many others. Think of your own!
"Hi, is Mei Wang there?"
"Hold on, I'll check. Hey, everybody! Is Mei Wang here? Has anyone seen Mei Wang? Mei Wang? Noone knows where Mei Wang is?... Sorry, I can't find Mei Wang."
"Oh, no problem."
by grey August 17, 2004
originates from the movie jay and silent bob, but is now generally used in reference to the clitmaster Grey Gardner of santa rosa california
"Grey is the clitmaster"
by grey September 18, 2004
Anything cool, sweet, awesome, incredible, wonderful, or good. Because biscuits are awesome.
Guy: So this chick was slobbing on my knob- oh man, that head was straight biscuits.

Dude #2: BISCUITS!

Chick: I was fucking the guy who wrote this definition, and it was nothing but biscuits for six hours.
by grey April 26, 2006
What McDonald's employees don't give.
Employee: "We love to see you smile!" (in head: Actually, I don't give a McFuck. I hope you die.)
by grey July 18, 2004
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