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A place where people are surrounded by wealth, and provided with a safety net of money so that they never have to strive for anything of consequence. Because no one ever has to work for anything that has to do with death or living, they are given ample time to make up new rules which they strive to live by and cannot cross ie. dress codes, and other blantant displays of wealth. People are so focused on these things that they become detached from actual living and focus all of there energy on living in a superfluous and materialistic world. However, if people took a step outside the bubble to see what is actually real, they would be able to, with all their FREEDOM and time, become great thinkers and use their minds to solve the greater problems in the world. So, by creating this world of wealth and materialism, the ignorant people of greenwich(which there are exceptions to) are distracting themselves from the world they live in and hurting themselves in the long run. Oh some of the reason why your parents are so rich is because they are brilliant people.
Just step outside the greenwich bubble...you will be so much happier.

I know from experience
by grewupingreenwich May 10, 2006

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