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A simplified variation of beer pong. In this version, there are no no ping pong balls- instead, a regular metal bottle cap from a beer bottle is bent in half until its opposite ends touch (resembles a taco-like half-moon).
In addition, this version of beer pong includes no special rules (e.g. no blowing the ball from the cup, no double shots, etc., no rules on when/when not to rack the remaining cups).
Instead, each team takes turns shooting at the opponents' cups, and if a cup is hit, the remaining cups are instantly racked (meaning the remainder are immediately moved together into one of the normal beer-pong setups).
If both players from the same team hit a cup during their turn (or, if playing as a one-man-team, if he/she hits), they are allowed to shoot again.
The final cup you must hit is positioned anywhere on the table by your opponent. If you and your partner hit the cup, you have won. If only one of you hits the cup, the opposing team is allowed one final chance to rally, and clear the remaining cups without missing a single shot.
"Wanna play beer pong?"
"Nah, we don't have any balls and I hate all your rules. Let's just play Beirut."
by grenade October 19, 2005

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