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A sick place to skateboard. Usually a cool place that is safe from the police. Down hill skate run. Perfect for the long boarder.
Dude, lets hit up FIGS, they got the best Skateway!
by greenKeya December 30, 2011
1. An awesome skate spot in Carlsbad, CA. FIGS stands for Faraday's Intentional Gateway Skateway. Believe me, it makes perfect sense if you've seen it and know where it is.

2. FIGS can also mean 11 o'clock pm. (Became 11 o'clock when we made 11 the official time to meet at FIGS.)

Rule: The word FIGS can only be used once in a sentence its up to context clues or visual hints given by the speaker to determine which FIGS you mean.
1. We're going to smoke a joint and hit FIGS later with a couple of the homies, want to join?

2. I'll see you at our spot at FIGS. There's a bonfire at tower 31 at FIGS, lets snag some chicks.
by greenKeya December 30, 2011

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