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1. A monument to capitalism DO NOT GO THERE COMRADS it will kill you it lives on to bring down the working class
2. symbol of the US (reason why everyone hates us)
3. My favorite hangout
1. I hate Walmart
2. I hate Walmart very much
3. I hate Walmart a lpt
by Greatredbird April 18, 2006
German movie about 3 german 25-ish revolutionaries (a bit communist) who go into capitalist system-profiting rich bastards to move the stuff around and give them a sense of insecurity. It's a bit stereotyped but it's still the proof that Germans are the greatest. They make great movies. And great actors. But their beer really sucks in case anyone has ever bothered trying it.
The Edukators is a movie that anyone with a true communist heart striving to make a difference in this fucked up world will like.
by greatredbird May 01, 2006
1. A small completely neutral and practically non-existant country in Europe
2. A parc in Paris with a cool atmoshpere where kids go to hang out. But then in the summer it is ruined by a bunch of retarded tourist families with cameras and ice creams. Oh well.
1. I could swap Luxembourg off the face o the Earth like a bug if I wanted to, it's so small
2. I want to fuckin kill those fuckin tourists they're bismirching my summer holidays
by greatredbird April 28, 2006
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