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1. the state of complete happiness
2. the action of cleansing a wounded calf.
3. the act of soddemizing your algebra teacher
4. an individual who practices law while on the toilet
1 Yay the holocaust was full of sufferingjews!
2 Man that calf was so messed up i couldn't leave it without giving it a thorough sufferingjews job
3 I had detention with Mr. Coleman so i decided to drug him and sufferingjews him until the janitor got involved.
4 I might go to law school because i get constapated very often. that way i can just sufferingjews all day.
by gravedigger33 July 16, 2009
act of defacating your own grandmothers grave and proceding to have sexual intercourse with the decayed corpse
Yea man i went out to the graveyard and screwingthepooched all night long.
by gravedigger33 July 16, 2009

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