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Straight women who are aroused by other women's breasts. Just as the best part of a cupcake is the frosted top, they prefer the top portion of a woman's body, only.
I love boobies, but can't stand vajayjays. I'm such a cupcake lesbian.
by grapefruit lovah December 06, 2010
The act of masturbating to the thought of overweight people.
Dude, if you'd spend less time at home fatasizing about Carnie Wilson and more time out with your friends, you might get a real girlfriend.
by grapefruit lovah December 06, 2010
A raging psychotic that creates an in-your-face scene at the slightest aggrevation (or for no reason at all), spinning through several extreme emotions that culminate in a grand finale filled with tears and whining.
Did you see that loonabitch who recorded himself freaking out over Britney Spears? "She's a human! Leave Britney alone!"
by Grapefruit lovah December 15, 2010
The person a woman fantasizes about while masturbating with the showerhead.
Brad Pitt is my favorite showerhead hottie.
by grapefruit lovah December 06, 2010
The act of pinching one's nose at the first scent of flatulence to prevent further infiltration.
They're serving cabbage and broccoli with dinner tonight. You know what that means... nose hugs for everyone!
by grapefruit lovah December 09, 2010

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